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What is Kingdom Culture?

How does it change how we see this planet? Suppose one day I was picked up from an airport by a limo and driven home. When I got out of the car I saw I was in front of a derelict house. I walked in and there was just total destruction and filth inside.   I could respond two ways: Hopelessness - this is where I live. I have to do life in this! Or This is not my home! I don't live here. I'm not staying here. Take me to my real home!! The first response is doing the Christian Life by living within my own efforts and capabilities.  The second is realizing my inadequacy is irrelevant to Gods sufficiency. In fact It's more accurate to say God's extravagant availability.  Suppose you had $20. And you had a friend with $20 million dollars. And your friend said "Lets go in partnership together 50-50. You put in your $20 & I'll put in my $20 million.  We'll start a company and be equal owners. 100% / 100%."  That's what Go