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Encounter Jesus in the Noise

 In 2020, as a “grounded missionary, I was thinking in terms of “transition”. Everyone was pivoting to online, in person meetings were cancelled, life looked like adapt - adapt - adapt.  By January of 2021 I realized the “normal” I was waiting for probably wasn’t going to happen. This wasn’t just about “transition” from one season to the next. Something else was happening. Emotionally I felt adrift.  Soon after I met Merri Ellen Geisbrecht, a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director, through an online event for women who desired to encounter Jesus in a deeper way in the midst of the Noise.  I immediately felt this was a God opportunity. I was impressed and could relate to her testimony of beating depression and connecting with Jesus in listening prayer. Her foundation in the Word and her hunger for intimacy to hear from God resonated with where I felt my own journey was going.  She had a 5 day group coaching event in May called “Encounter Jesus in the Noise”. In this event she led w