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Cambodian Children’s Church

Sue’s been good enough to provide an update for all of us. I was so pleased to hear from her. As we learned in Sue’s last text message, Carolyn and she are in Cambodia. Sunday morning Sue and Carolyn conducted a rooftop Children’s Church. In her text, Sue writes , “They have a great team and eager kids!” As I looked at the photo Sue sent, I am struck by the broad smiles and joy on the children’s faces. Clearly Christ’s love and the happiness he brings transcend the barriers of culture, geography, and language. We are thankful to Christ for his empowering Spirit and for the work he is enabling Sue and Carolyn to do.

Happy Valentine's Day From Beautiful Cambodia

Sue and Carolyn were in a place where they were able to send a photo and a text to let us know how their missionary trip is fairing thus far. Sue’s text states: Last week we did a seminar in 160 Bangkok for children’s workers. Now we are in Cambodia at Siem Reap for two days before starting the ministry time in Phnom Penn. Incredible history in this country . Intrigued with the photo and message Sue sent, I didn’t a little on-line search to learn more about the region Sue is visiting. Siem Reap English translation is Defeat of Siam. Siem Reap is the capital of the Siam Reap Province. The area was settled in 802. Once a small village, Siem Reap is growing rapidly as the gateway to the Angkor temples, a big tourist attraction. The town is clustered along the banks of the Siem Reap River. Although Sue doesn’t state the name of the buildings in her photo, the buildings shown in her photo resemble the monastic complex of Ta Prohm. The Ta Prohm monastery was Buddhist and was the monastery f

Update: A Boy And His Zebra

Sue and Carolyn continue their missionary journey in Thailand. Sue was able to send the following multi-media text and photo: Yim and the lil' Zebra bond. It was lovely to spend the day with the child I sponsor. After their visit with the Compassion children they sponsor, Sue and Carolyn will be heading back to Bangkok where they will minister at a local church. On Monday, they’ll be traveling to Cambodia. We’re praying for safe a journey for both Sue and Carolyn. UPDATE: Click here to learn more about Compassion International

There's a Zebra In My Bag

As most of may know, Carpenter’s Cross Ministries typically begins the year ministering in Australia and many nations in Asia. Sue’s missionary journey started in Australia and she’s now winging her way to Thailand. In the text message, accompanying this photo Sue writes: He’s a little worried about flying, but excited about meeting Yim (My Compassion Child). We pray that Sue and Carolyn’s journey will be safe and the Lord will use them to greatly bless his children.