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Struggling? Try this! Courtesy of Graham Cooke

Take two pieces of paper On one make a list of everything that's holding you down or keeping you from your destiny It could be areas of personal defeat, defect in character, circumstances, anything oppositional to you. Make a list of things & number them. If you have 35 things on that list number them 1-35. Those are all the hindrances that are against you.  God wants to take every one of those hindrances & teach you the advantage each one brings.  On second piece of paper you number it (1-35 or whatever you have on your first list).  You start with number 1 on your first list & you ask what is the opposite of that? Then write it down on your second paper. Go to number 2 -what's the opposite of that & write it across number 2. All the way down your list until you have a list of complete opposites. Then you go to that second page & you assign a promise or a blessing or a prophetic word you have received  that's relevant to each opposite & you write it

New Years Post from

More Than You Can Imagine Or Think It is New Year’s Day and I find myself starting a new year with great thankfulness for what God has done and at the same time I am filled with an even greater anticipation for what God is going to do. I am so excited! We have been reviewing all the amazing things that have recently happened and are continually amazed at the increase of our experience with the reality of heaven and God’s presence breaking through into our city, companies, and families in greater measure than has been experienced before. The level of transformation and freedom is increasing. As great as this is, we cannot use what we have experienced so far as a predictor of what He is going to do moving forward. God is not looking for us to build a model or a ministry, but be in relationship with Him to demonstrate His love and His world. There are many conversations happening on “how to manage revival.” That really isn’t the heart or intent behind these conversations, but that i