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When you are tempted to hold on to wrongs and offenses remember what a southern preacher once said: "Son, just because you CAN whip a skunk doesn't mean you'd want to."

Walking on Water

I have a Matryoshka Doll (or nesting doll). I got it in Belarus. It is a doll in a doll in a doll etc. Each internal doll is an exact duplicate of the outside one. As I was looking at it a few weeks back I was thinking about my walk with the Lord. The Bible talks about our created purpose to be filled with the Spirit of God, to show His life to others – to reflect more of Christ and less of us. That’s an interesting concept “to be filled with His Spirit”. Joshua was described as ‘filled with the Spirit” because Moses had laid his hands on him (Deut. 34:9). Joshua was amazing in all that he accomplished with God. John the Baptist on the other hand was filled with the Spirit from his mother’s womb (Luke 1:15). He was used by the Spirit of God to prepare hearts for the Messiah. Peter being filled with the Spirit (Act 4:8-13) astonished the people who heard him speak because of the power and anointing of God. Paul was described as “filled with the Spirit” as he exposed Elymas dece