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Late Spring!

When I flew into Seattle the first of May I was able to see a rare sight. The daffodils that I planted several years ago always bloom and die before I return from Australia. This year was the exception. I arrived at my condo to find not the usual brown dead remnants of flowers but the bright yellow topped stalks themselves in full bloom!

Summer Ministries

Next week starts the 2008 USA summer ministry schedule. We will be at Mountain Kids Camp just outside Idaho City, Idaho. This is an old west town complete with a main street boardwalk, quaint stores, a cemetery for the 1800's and no cell phone reception. It's located about 40 minutes from Boise the capital of Idaho. Mountain Kids Camp is a day camp which starts Monday. Carolyn arrives in Boise at 10:30 that night so she misses the first day of camp. Pray she gets some rest on her long flight to the states. Pray for the kids attending to receive a touch of God's love in their hearts.