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Back in USA!

Check it out - I'm back in the states. Arrived Thursday April 20th. Felt great to be home until two in the morning. That's the time I woke with the flu. Typical! Had everyone praying for a smooth flight, I was blessed with an upgrade to business class for the 14 hr flight, but did I say "and pray I don't get the flu" ? Of course not! Ok, I did get people praying after the fact and I will say the fever broke by Sat. a.m. and I was in church Sunday morning so that was sort of miraculous. Most of the people I know who got the flu were down with it for a week or two. Well, two days to clean and my sister and brother-in-law arrived to celebrate their anniversary. We had a great time. They even sacrificed two of their vacation days to help me go looking for a vehicle. God has been miraculously sending offerings toward my getting a new vehicle since last December. We test drove several cars from different manufacturers and I finally settled on a Subaru Forester! I