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Whack AMole

About three or four years ago while we were ministering at an Aboriginal family camp in Wyndham Western Australia my faithful iPod classic died. A 40G mp3 player, it was so useful for all of our kids ministry. When I returned from that tour I tried everything to fix it the Apple support suggested but nothing worked.  Apple then said it would cost $250 to replace the dead drive. At that point I tossed it in a corner & forgot about it. Two nights ago I ran across that old iPod again. I thought "What if I google hope for dead iPods?".  Up came a blog called "Whack a mole"  It basically said you've got nothing to loose, try striking it a couple times. I did it & suddenly my dead iPod roared back to life! WhooHoo! Amazing! I just started laughing! What does the Bible say? "He takes the foolish things to confound the wise!" Now it's loaded up with new music & ready to go for the next camp!