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The Story of Three Coats

This is about three coats. When I think of coats I think of Joseph. His father loved him and gave him a special coat – a garment that was so ornate you could see Joseph coming from a distance. The second coat he received was from Potiphar as a slave. We know this only because when Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph of adultery, her supposed proof was the coat she tore from him as he fled the room. Pharaoh himself gave Joseph’s third coat to him after Joseph told him the interpretation to the dreams. The first coat represented a person’s natural family foundation. Like Joseph, it can be a reminder of both blessings and hurts. But this coat has to be laid down to move to the next season of life. Laying down this coat moves us beyond focus on self. It is letting go of what we were in the eyes of family and friends to be where we are in the present to minister to others. The second coat was his move into service. This coat will teach you humility and faithfulness. It can be

Speaking of Hands

This photo is my illustration of Psalm 139:10. God says he has us in His right Hand! Just a few verses above that He states that He hems us in behind- and before- and lays His hand upon us. Pretty good positioning!!

Ads and Air Dryers

Sue writes: LCD screen & speaker built into the toilet hand dryers with advertising. - Only in Australia!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Love R a i n b o w