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New Hope International VeBS

Yes, you read it correctly, V=for very, e=for exciting, and BS= for Bible School! Cute! They had snacks each day that were also very creative such as (since we had a nautical theme): fish bones (pretzels), eye balls (grapes), mush mush (bananas), fish tongues (watermelon wedges), sea urchin balls (apples). Brenda Supasatit was the coordinator and one of the creative minds of this cool menu. The next Sunday, Carolyn and I spoke at the Church. I shared about the experience we had white water rafting on my birthday. We went rafting on the North Fork of the Payette River in Idaho. After signing up, one of the staff gave us the option of a rubberised water jacket to wear with Velcro cuffs, waist and collar. I thought since they offered, it was probably a good idea, though the weather was predicted to be hot. So we all got jackets, helmets, lifejackets and headed out. It was getting hot. The Guide sat in the back of the raft using his oar as a rudder and calling out rowing orders to

Mercer Island VBS

We are at a Mercer Island Starbucks before Vacation Bible School starts. They have an outdoor fireplace (it's 59 F degrees) and dog dishes.

Summer Ministries

It has been and is continuing to be a great summer. We really enjoyed Rachael, our intern featured in Pirates of the Palouse, and the kids at the various camps and churches. One young man, Christopher, stands out in my mind. He had never been to church and was brought by a neighbor to camp where he gave his life to Jesus. Then began to read the bible for the first time. This particular camp had a Bible Quiz each night with teams competing. Christopher quized second highest! Unbelievable! Of course some of his answers needed a bit of translating. Like when the official asked who appeared to the shepherds and announced the birth of Jesus. Christopher replied, "A band of heavenly ghosts!" The judge accepted it.

At Camp Carolyn is on a roll!