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Struggling? Try this! Courtesy of Graham Cooke

Take two pieces of paper On one make a list of everything that's holding you down or keeping you from your destiny It could be areas of personal defeat, defect in character, circumstances, anything oppositional to you. Make a list of things & number them. If you have 35 things on that list number them 1-35. Those are all the hindrances that are against you.  God wants to take every one of those hindrances & teach you the advantage each one brings.  On second piece of paper you number it (1-35 or whatever you have on your first list).  You start with number 1 on your first list & you ask what is the opposite of that? Then write it down on your second paper. Go to number 2 -what's the opposite of that & write it across number 2. All the way down your list until you have a list of complete opposites. Then you go to that second page & you assign a promise or a blessing or a prophetic word you have received  that's relevant to each opposite & you write it