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Lenticular Clouds & Gliding

In a vision last October I saw a snowy mountain range in the distance with the highest peak in the center. A saucer white cloud was over the top. I wasn't sure about the meaning. This week I was looking online & suddenly saw the cloud shape. It was called a "lenticular" cloud. That is a moisture filled cloud - saucer shaped. Self-powered aircraft avoid them because of turbulence to rotor systems, but gliders seek them out because they are a rising air mass wave lift which is smooth & strong. This enables gliders to fly higher & farther. Current world gliding records for distance & altitude were set using such lift! I immediately felt God telling me in His presence (the mountain) I will go farther & higher (the lenticular cloud) not in my own efforts but just resting (glider) completely in him! Very cool! (Haha & that one only took 7 months to decipher) God doesn't hide things from us but FOR us. I love it when I understand His language. He is s