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A Day With the Queen

The “White Queen” stands guard over the Airy’s Inlet. I received a multi-media text message from Sue with her latest update. In the most recent message Sue writes: Two hours South of Melbourne is Airy’s Inlet. We are taking a three day break before the next Ministry Marathon, which begins next week before the schools break for their next holiday. -Sue We hope that Sue and Carolyn get some much needed rest. I was reading Carolyn's blog and her March 17th Post speaks of their support for the Children in Crisis in Cambodia organization. They are selling woven cotton bracelets which come complete with photo card and brief history of kids being helped through this program. Each bracelet sells for $1 USA or $2 Australian. We will be providing a way to support this effort on their web site in the very near future. In the mean time, be sure to let them know if you want to purchase a bracelet or help in any way. You can email them at cambodia-outreach@carpenters-