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The Spirit of a Goose

At the camp we did in a large tent on top of Miracle Mountain in Grangeville, our last session was about the "Spirit of a Goose". The term "silly goose" in our culture is definitely not complementary. No one wants to be called a silly goose! But God has some lessons He wants us to learn from the goose - for instance the "V" shape of their flight formation. By locking just to the back and side of the lead goose, the second geese behind can get extra lift. The third geese in line get even more lift, and so on. This results in geese being able to fly 40% faster and 70% farther as a group than they can as individuals. Backing the leader helps Vision to be accomplished! The second thing we learn is that this formation, although more efficient, really puts a strain on the lead goose. That's why they rotate the formation, as the lead goose tires the next one behind takes over. This way they don't kill their leader! What a great idea. The entire