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Whack AMole

About three or four years ago while we were ministering at an Aboriginal family camp in Wyndham Western Australia my faithful iPod classic died. A 40G mp3 player, it was so useful for all of our kids ministry. When I returned from that tour I tried everything to fix it the Apple support suggested but nothing worked.  Apple then said it would cost $250 to replace the dead drive. At that point I tossed it in a corner & forgot about it. Two nights ago I ran across that old iPod again. I thought "What if I google hope for dead iPods?".  Up came a blog called "Whack a mole"  It basically said you've got nothing to loose, try striking it a couple times. I did it & suddenly my dead iPod roared back to life! WhooHoo! Amazing! I just started laughing! What does the Bible say? "He takes the foolish things to confound the wise!" Now it's loaded up with new music & ready to go for the next camp! 

Testimony Report from "Resting" message.i

The following was sent to me this morning from a mother who was at a Sunday service where I shared the message on God's Anointing on Rest. " Dear Sue I just want to thank you for the wonderful message on Sunday. After church my family and I usually go mad trying to get things done, house clean, catch up on work, its just go, go, go because we are so busy during the week. But on Sunday we stopped, put on a spiritual CD and soaked up the presence of God. I placed paper in the middle of the floor with pens and my 9 year old son (Jai) drew fabulous pictures during this quiet time with God. He usually draws dinosaurs - that's all I have seen him draw, but not this time. He drew Jesus, watering 4 flowers (my family) and he said that God is growing us. Then he drew our house on fire, my son putting it out just as David defeated Goliath. Jai said that with Jesus he can do anything and defeat the enemy. My husband and I were just stunned. I was crying, my 12 year old daughter wa


How will you get through the challenges of the year ahead? You need to listen to this message on REST. Learn the value God places on REST as a weapon of Spiritual Warfare, refreshing, strength, and improved efficiency. REST was created by God and holds His anointing. REST is not optional. REST is a command. In fact the Bible says “Work hard not to work hard!” Hebrews 4:11So click on the link below & relax and listen to this podcast on RESTING.