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Chestnut Hill Inn – Australia

As Sue wrote in her last post, she’s traveled to Australia to begin her missionary work there. Sue’s first text message has just come in and in it she writes, Friends Graeme & Angela Jones surprised us with a weekend get away at the Chestnut Hill Inn. Pictured are their famous Chestnut Pancakes .

The Opportunity of Today

Wrap your mind around this, I’m sitting in my living room working on my computer in Federal Way – out my sliding glass doors my little garden has 4” of snow (refer to Seattle Christmas blog entry), icy roads, school closures and Monday I fly out to Melbourne, Australia (presently upper 90’s F!!!). I’m only there a few days and head to Cambodia (sweat capital of Asia). Life is never boring. I remember one autumn day a few years back, I was camping on a mountain ridge with my dad. We were deer hunting and it was soooooo cold! At sunrise we got up to a skiff of snow on the ground and huddled around a fire eating breakfast before heading out. I remember thinking “This time next week I’ll be speaking to kids at a campground on an extinct volcano in Hawaii and it’ll be in the 80’s.” Weird, huh? It’s funny looking at the future thru the eyes of the present. Sometimes I can look at a child and see them as an adult. And I think, “Those same mannerisms, moods, likes and dislikes are all the

Boise State Game - Perfect Means Never Giving Up!

Ready For The New Year?

NEW BEGINNINGS! Ready - Set - Go... 1. Anyone Can Start Over Acts 10:15 Peter gets reprogramed from religious tradition. God's plan is for whoever He chooses. You may be shocked at who God chooses / Others may be shocked that He chooses you! 2. It's Never Too Late Acts Ch 8&9 There is something about what you've been through God will use. There are no lost experiences with God - He invented recycle. God allowed Paul to super charge the persecution against the church, then brought him into Christianity and Paul found himself skiing in front of the avalanche he himself started! The persecution scattered the Church (Acts Ch 11). Sending believers to Phoenicia / Cyrus / Antioch. Greeks were saved in great numbers. What super Apostle did that? Barnabus? Not yet there! Paul? No, Barnabus brought him later. Who did this mighty miracle? Just "some of them". You know, like you. You're part of the "some of them". Are you important? Well, because

Christmas Encore in Seattle!

Backyard surprise - 6 inches of snow and my boots are in Boise!

Christmas in Idaho