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October Events

This month of October the "September" newsletter finally got published! (If you are not on the mailing list and want to see it, click on the website link on this page "Carpenter's Cross Ministries". It should be there soon.) Also the editing just got finished for the first audio kid's podcast from Sue and Larry. Larry is Carolyn's worm puppet that helps (?) Sue teach the kids "Words of Wisdom" from the Bible with lots of humor! Parents will be able to get a free download each week of a scripture memory verse skit with Sue and Larry. They can then use them as a fun learning tool for their kids and utilize the podcasts as an added resource for family devotions. Before Carolyn left, we recorded 10 episodes. I will keep you posted with info for downloading these podcasts.

September Visitors

OK, all those of you who been waiting for updates… In September my sister DeAnn (Levi jacket) and her husband John came to Seattle to celebrate her birthday and have a mini vacation. John was then flying back to Boise, and DeAnn staying to help me with the Onecho Family Camp in Eastern Washington mid September. While they were here, Rosemary, from Carolyn's church CityLife in Melbourne, flew in for a quick visit (pictured above multi-tasking a call to her office in Australia during a tour of the locks). Carolyn and I are under the covering of the Missions Department in Carolyn’s home church when they send us at different times of the year to work with nationals in designated target countries under the category of "Intergenerational Missionaries". In January we will be heading to Thailand, then to Cambodia in February. Rosemary is the person to whom we report. Among Rosemary's many responsibilities in Missions, is pastoral oversight for us. I have been teasing he