Thursday, May 23, 2013

Struggling? Try this! Courtesy of Graham Cooke

Take two pieces of paper
On one make a list of everything that's holding you down or keeping you from your destiny
It could be areas of personal defeat, defect in character, circumstances, anything oppositional to you. Make a list of things & number them. If you have 35 things on that list number them 1-35. Those are all the hindrances that are against you. 
God wants to take every one of those hindrances & teach you the advantage each one brings. 
On second piece of paper you number it (1-35 or whatever you have on your first list). 
You start with number 1 on your first list & you ask what is the opposite of that? Then write it down on your second paper. Go to number 2 -what's the opposite of that & write it across number 2. All the way down your list until you have a list of complete opposites. Then you go to that second page & you assign a promise or a blessing or a prophetic word you have received  that's relevant to each opposite & you write it beside that number. 
Then have a CELEBRATION & BURN the first list. Because you don't need it anymore because that is no longer your focus. 
BURN the first list, keep the second because the second was assigned to you of all the permissions & blessings God wants to release into your life. All those carry a "YES" & "AMEN" to everyone of them. That second list is all the things that you are becoming in this life. 
You now have a record of all Gods dealings with you in the foreseeable future. 
The second list represents the will of God for you next! You're going to have an experience of him in all those areas!!!
The second list is your promises, your prophecies, your permission, your identity, your destiny, your anointing, your blessing, your freedom, your faith, your empowering, your abiding, your trusting, your joy, your confidence & your covenant. It's all on that list. The Lord is saying "I want to do everything that's on that list!"
What you will learn through this process when you have finished is how to quickly turn a negative into a positive. 
You will learn how to see in the opposite spirit & assign promises & blessings into your adversity so that you can count everything as joy.