Thursday, September 04, 2008

What a summer!

One look at my tires shows we have covered thousands of miles this summer. We did more than 70 sessions for kids at churches and camps. Here are some photos of our summer memories.

Another new venture for me this summer was started by one of the youth who sent me an sms "You need to be on FACEBOOK"
"Well, here goes," I thought.

It was really a God idea.

The responses have been incredible and are still coming in everyday. For example here are a few:

A girl who is a Law school grad "I was thinking today about how much I loved getting hugs from you as a kid. What wonderful memories!"

A young man in Australia "G'day Rainbow!"

A young youth pastor's wife in California "we're friends on facebook!!!! i'm so excited! how are you auntie sue? have i ever told you that you inspired me to work with kids?"

Michael, a pastors kid who is now a youth leader wrote on his Facebook: This is a great ministry, touching thousands of Kids and adults in different countries, every year, with the saving power of Jesus Christ! If you haven't joined this cause yet, I only have three words for you, JOIN!! JOIN!! JOIN!!

Each day I am hearing from youth and young adults around the world who's lives have been touched for Christ through this ministry. The technology of today is also the avenue for uniting Christians like never before. One teen I first met in Cambodia as a missionaries kid now describes himself "I'm livin' like a Jesus Freak!"

Whether it's for prayer requests - praise reports - or building relationships, the "information technology revolution" is being used by God for His purposes too!