Friday, July 20, 2007

New Hope Family Camp

The Kids At New Hope Family Camp really enjoyed singing "You're There" and worshipping the Lord.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kids Camps

We've just completed two camps, very similar in nature. The first "Mountain Kids Camp" was in Idaho City, Idaho. About 38 kids were at that camp - each with their own special needs. It was a day camp with morning and afternoon sessions and activities. The children left each night at 5 p.m. and returned the following morning for the next day's adventure. On the last day when we gave them an opportunity to share, many remarked how much they liked the way everyone got along and cared for each other.

The second camp was the "Royal Family Kids Camp" with 43 kids in McCall, Idaho. Though the children come with a variety of behavioral problems, medications and emotional hurts it was a week of incredible PEACE. The kids felt it and the staff remarked the same. This picture is the cast that performed each day a skit called "The Pirates of Payette" along with the camp directors Tom and Margaret Turco. Captain Smiley converts all the pirates with the "TREASURE" of God's Word in the end. Then they trade the" Jolley Roger" for a Smiley Face Flag and the Joy of Jesus!

These camps give a week of happy memories to traumatized kids, kids in the social care system, whose "monsters" are real. The photo book they go home with reminds them of their first fish, the craft project they made, swimming at the lake, the treasure hunt, etc. Everyone's birthday is celebrated mid week and they even had a special July 4th presentation. These kids literally count the sleeps until the next years camp. We are just privileged to be a small part of showing the love of God to them.